Existing shortage of over 200,000 service dogs


Nearly 20% of all veterans suffer from PTSD


Approximate cost of $20,000 for a fully trained dog and handler training


About UsOur story began with dog trainers wanting to use their passion for service dogs to make a difference in the lives of veterans suffering from PTSD.


We recognize there are service dog providers producing inadequately trained service dogs and often selling them for enormous sums to veterans and others.


Our approach is to understand the need of the veteran, then find and train a dog that can best meet their needs. Following our high standards of evaluation, we procure dogs from shelters and from individuals who are looking to re-home young dogs with an adaptable demeanor and gentle breed-specific traits.


We then work with the veteran/dog teams until they are sufficiently trained and able to pass our public access test. We intend to remain a hands on organization that stays focused on the client and their needs. Our service area includes Arkansas, southern Missouri, and eastern Oklahoma.


Application Submission

Written application submitted by client - 2 weeks to review

Background Check

Background check on client - 1 week


Oral interview with client and family members - 2-4 weeks to set up

Wait time for Dog

Wait time for a Service Dogs of Distinction dog – 60-90 days on average (may change as numbers increase)

Pre-Pairing Client

Pre-Pairing training for client 1 month prior to getting dog

Dog Training

Pairing dog with veteran and begin team training

Canine Good Citizen Test

Canine Good Citizen test (CGC) – 4-6 months after entry into program the dog’s obedience skills are evaluated

Public Access Test

Acknowledgement of skills needed for full public access 7-11 months


Graduation – 10-12 months after entry into program